Church History

In April 1880, Mt. Hebron (White Plains FWB) extended arm to Zion Church, then belonging to the Missionary Baptists in the Sowhatchee Community.  The constitution of Zion Church was formed during October 1880.  Rev. W.B. Lane was pastor and J.W. Anglin was clerk.  The church presbytery consisted of Rev. W.B.Lane and G.T. Wiley.  In March 1881, it was agreed to extend arm back to the School House, the former place of worship.  On the Saturday before the second Sunday, November 1881, Zion and Mt. Hebron came together and agreed to consolidate wit the regular meetings to be held at Zion Church.  At a meeting of the Presbytery and after due examination of members present, it was considered that a church of the United Free Will Baptists be formed.  In June 1882, a committee was appointed for the purpose of building a house of worship.  Then in March 1883, the committee was dismissed and the entire membership was appointed on the building committee.  In August 1883, Bro. Jordan Walters was received by letter from Zion Missionary Church, and he presented the deeds and land to Zion Church.  The church was to retain its name of Zion and the Free Will Baptist were to put it in good repair and keep it so.

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